Extract from "Pakistan Registration of Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulations, 2008." Chapter VIII

x) House Job mean one year fulltime internship or residential clinical work in a hospital recognized by the Council or recognized under these regulations for the purpose of attaining full registration with the Council.

  1. As per section 23 of the Ordinance, one year house job in clinical subjects in a hospital approved by the Council is required for conversion of provisional registration into full registration. No housejob or internship shall be given if the applicant does not possess a valid PM&DC provisional registration certificate.
  2. After provisional registration, clinical work or resident training of one-year duration abroad is also acceptable for full registration.
  3. The clinical work / house job done before award of degree as part of studies in case of foreign graduates of Pakistani nationality who qualify National Examination Board shall not be acceptable for full registration .One year housejob after provisional registration as supra shall be required.
Structured House Job
The Council in its 116th meeting held on 8th May, 2010 considered the matter of Structured House Job and after due deliberation and debate decided to structure the housejob and decided the following general principles. This structured house job shall also be known as foundation year. The institutions providing the housejob shall ensure that the candidate possess a valid PM&DC provisional registration for housejob and once housejob training slot is awarded, the institutions shall inform the PM&DC and the training record shall be maintained in the PM&DC as well and the intern shall be registered by the University. The Housejob/Foundation year shall have four modules and shall be divided in two division of medicine and surgery and their allied specialties. Gynae. & Obs. shall be given adequate time in the surgery division. A Basic Life Support certificate course shall be a component of the housejob/foundation year. All four modules shall have internal examinations and there shall be an OSCE examination conducted by the University under whose jurisdiction the institution training for the Housejob/Foundation falls. The finer details and further decisions in this regard may be taken by the curriculum committee. The Council further decided that the specialized hospitals having one or two specialties can be recognized for training of one three month module only. The one year observership/internship in one specialty can only be undertaken if the doctor has passed the structured housejob and has attained full registration with PM&DC.
For admissions in medical and dental institutions located in the Islamabad Capital Territory, the central test shall be held under the arrangements of the Ministry of Health.All admissions for both public and private admissions must be completed by 30th November each year and submitted to PM&DC otherwise it shall be considered a violation of PM&DC rules.

The hospitals recognized by PM&DC for housejob and are not attached with any medical college are required to acquire university affiliation because after the internal examinations and there shall be an OSCE examination conducted by the University having territorial jurisdiction in the field of medicine and dentistry.

A Basic Life Support(BLS) certificate shall also be required at the end of the house job and the institution are to make necessary arrangement for that.


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