Rules governing Registration of Faculty
Extract from "Pakistan Registration of Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulations, 2008." Chapter XII
  1. Every member of the teaching faculty of a recognized postgraduate or undergraduate medical and dental college or institution in Pakistan shall submit to the Registrar an application (Appendix 17) through the Principal/Dean for registration as faculty, immediately but not latter than three months following appointment
  2. Every application for registration as faculty, shall be accompanied by
    • (a) certificate from   the Principal of the College of having commenced the job and
    • (b) registration fee of the Council.
  3. No faculty shall be registered unless he fulfills the Council’s criteria.
  4. Every faculty, registered with the Council shall be furnished with a faculty registration number and a certificate (Appendix 21) and a picture identity card, which shall be prominently displayed by the faculty member while in the institution. 
  5. A record shall be maintained institution-wise.
  6. An eligible fresh candidate applying for a faculty registration number for the purpose of recruitment to a job shall be issued a provisional faculty registration number. This provisional faculty registration number shall be converted to permanent on receipt of an application endorsed by the principal or dean confirming that the job has been conferred.
  7. No teaching job in any undergraduate or post graduate medical or dental institution shall be confirmed or given by any institution nor shall be accepted by Council unless the applicant is in possession of a valid faculty registration certificate and for fresh applicants the procedure of attainment is given in regulation 99.
  8. Faculty registration certificate shall be valid for a maximum of five years only and shall be renewed after every five years.
  9. Migration of faculty will not be allowed during an academic session/activity unless decided otherwise by PM&DC on case to case basis and will only be allowed from one recognized institution to another. In cases where faculty has resigned, resignation accepted or not accepted, the faculty shall apply (Appendix 33) and obtain a no objection certificate from Council before joining another institution and in case of a government servant the Government shall be responsible to obtain a no objection certificate from the Council before transferring a faculty to another institution.
  10. Upon joining another institution, a fresh certificate shall be issued on request on payment of the prescribed fee in which the name of the institution shall be changed but the basic faculty registration number shall stay the same.
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