Registration of post graduate medical and dental students
Extract from "Pakistan Registration of Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulations, 2008." Chapter X
  1. Every postgraduate medical and dental student of a postgraduate course or program in Pakistan recognised under the Ordinance, shall submit to the registrar an application (Appendix 19) through the Principal or Dean for registration as a postgraduate medical or dental student, within 2 months following his admission to the course or program. Only individuals registered as postgraduate students with the Council shall be entitled for registration of their qualifications by the Council.
  2. Every application for registration as a post graduate medical or dental student shall be accompanied by (a) certificate from the Principal or Dean of the institution of having commenced studies; and (b) Registration Fee of the Council.
  3. No postgraduate student shall be registered as a postgraduate medical or dental student unless he falls within the seats allowed to the medical or dental institute or college by the Council according to the facilities available at the institution as determined by the Council.
  4. Every postgraduate medical or dental student registered with the Council shall be furnished with a postgraduate student registration number and a certificate (Appendix30) and a picture identity card, which shall be prominently displayed by the student throughout his period of study.
  5. Every recognized postgraduate medical or dental college or institution in Pakistan shall submit to the Council annually, not later than the 31st December of each year, a list of the names of all post graduate medical or dental students at such a post graduate medical or dental college or institution on the first December of that year, and also a list of all post graduate registered medical or dental students who have either discontinued their studies or migrated to another post graduate college during the preceding twelve months.  Such a list shall indicate the full names; the years of studies and in cases where postgraduate students have discontinued their professional studies or migrated, the date of discontinuation or migration of each student, as the case may be.
  6. A register shall be maintained by the Council, session wise and college-wise.
  7. The entry of a post graduate medical or dental student shall be deleted from the register as soon as his postgraduate qualification has been registered, or as soon as proof is given to the satisfaction of the registrar that such a student has discontinued his postgraduate studies.
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