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PM&DC is a statutory regulatory authority established under Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Ordinance 1962 as a body corporate. It is known and respected worldwide and is part of international community of medical regulatory authorities (IAMRA). Pakistani doctors are considered one of the best and are doing meritorious service in all parts of the world and that is a testimony to the effective regulation of medical education being done by the PM&DC. No Pakistani Doctor can practice in Pakistan or abroad without being registered with PM&DC or without being in goodstanding with it.


To safeguard public interest, PM&DC has been given a mission to establish uniform minimum standard of basic & higher qualifications in Medicine & Dentistry throughout Pakistan.

Brief History

  • Established by adopting Indian Medical Council Act 1933 on the recommendation of Health Conference in 1947.(1948)
  • Re-organized under P.M.C. Act of 1951. (1951)
  • West Pakistan Medical Council was created on the formation of West Pakistan by merging Sindh & Punjab Medical Councils. (1957)
  • The Council was re-constituted under Medical & Dental Council Ordinance 1962, and Provincial Medical Councils were dissolved. (1962)
  • The Medical & Dental Council (Amendment) Act. (1973)
  • (The Lapsed)The Medical & Dental Council (Amendment) Ordinance(lapsed on September 24,1999). (25th May 1999)

Composition Of The Council

PM&DC Ordinance 1962 Section3(1)

Clause Representations from
(a) National Assembly
(aa) Provincial Governments
(b) Universities
(c) Registered Medical Practitioners
(d) Federal Government
(e) Registered Dental Practitioners
(f) Teaching Staff
(g) Nominee of the Chief Justice of Pakistan
(h) Director General of Health, Govt. of Pakistan

Functions & Duties Of PM&DC

  1. For uniform application across Pakistan. PM&DC has been given a mandate to:
    • prescribe a uniform minimum standard of courses of training for obtaining graduate and post graduate medical and dental qualifications.
    • prescribe minimum requirements for the content and duration of graduate and post graduate medical and dental courses of study.
    • prescribe the conditions for admission of courses of training as aforesaid.
    • prescribe minimum qualification and experience required of teachers for appointment in medical and dental institutions.
    • prescribe the standards of examinations, methods of conducting the examinations.
    • prescribe the qualifications, and experience required of examiners for professional examinations.
  2. Register Faculty and Students of Medical & Dental Institutions
  3. Maintains the Register of Medical & Dental Practitioners.
  4. Inspect and formulate recommendations regarding recognition of Medical & Dental Institutions for training of undergraduate & postgraduate qualification.
  5. Inspect undergraduate & postgraduate examination for standardization.
  6. Decide cases against registered  practitioners for infamous conduct and professional negligence.
  7. Inspect and approve of Hospitals for House Job.
  8. Prescribe guidelines for Medical & Dental Journals.
  9. Issue experience certificates to faculty
  10. Set up of schemes of reciprocity with other countries and medical regulatory authorities

International Accreditation Of PM&DC Standards

United States Education Department (NCFMEA)

The system of recognition/accreditation through inspection by PM&DC had also been reviewed by the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education & Accreditation (NCFMEA) of U.S. department of education.The standards used by PM&DC for accreditation and inspection of medical and dental colleges in Pakistan have been declared comparable to U.S standards

Recognition by General Medical Council U.K. IMED  & FAIMER

The system of accreditation had also been approved by the General Medical Council U.K. and all the colleges recognised under the PM&DC ordinance 1962 are also automatically recognised by the General Medical Council and the graduates of these colleges are eligible to sit in PLAB examination for the purpose of higher education in United Kingdom. Previously the General Medical Council used to conduct inspection of medical colleges in Pakistan through their own inspection team for the purpose of recognition of medical college. All the colleges recognised under the PM&DC ordinance 1962 are also automatically recognised by FAIMER and IMEd in the world directory.

Activities and achievements of PM&DC in the near past

  1. President PM&DC becomes one of the leaders of International Association of Medical Regulatory authorities
  2. Strict monitoring of examination standards all over the nation
  3. Plan for strict enforcement of student and Faculty Registration after notification of regulations
  4. Indexation of medical Journals as a step towards their inclusion in index medicus
  5. Promulgation of Regulations after a gap of 50 years
  6. Developing of National Curriculum of MBBS & BDS and Postgraduate studies in collaboration with HEC.
  7. Development of National criteria for appointment of teachers in medical and dental institutions in collaboration with HEC.
  8. Development of an international level interactive PM&DC Website and its integration.Website has the capacity to support information sharing with other regulatory authorities of the world.
  9. eCPD & CME activities
  10. Recognition by General Medical Council.
  11. Recognition of PM&DC accreditation standards as comparable to USA standards by NCFMEA, U.S.A.
  12. Closure of illegal medical/dental colleges.
  13. Inspection of colleges in neighboring countries under Section 13 & 14 of the PM&DC ordinance 1962. 
  14. Developed guidelines for Medical Journals and starting the index Pakistan of recognized Journals.
  15. Conduction of Transparent Registration Examination by National Examination Board of PM&DC.
  16. PM&DC Employee Rules2008.
  17. Defining and issuing experience certificates to doctors on clear, transparent and equitable rules, on a predefined format to ensure uniformity

Our Future Vision

  • Establishment of Medical/Dental institutions of standard and improving of existing
  • Continuous and vigilant monitoring of standard of the institutions
  • Promotion of academic activities and guidance to institutions to build them
  • Development of protocols for Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Continued Medical Education(CME) and evaluation before renewal of registration of doctors and Expansion of research  and academic activities.( CPD & CME Halls are near completion at the PM&DC Headquarter)
  • Review of curriculum every 5 years.
  • Improving services at Regional Offices.
  • Hosting national/international conferences/ symposiums from the platform of PM&DC.
  • To be the flagship of Medical & Dental excellence in the Muslim world.
  • To be the world’s leading medical regulatory authority and make IAMRA globally more effective by providing it leadership and resource.
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